We were blessed with our first baby girl on Valentine’s Day 2012.  The Baby Grove has been an absolute blessing in our journey from pre-natal, labor/delivery and post-postpartum. We fortunately had the hindsight to understand the amount of expertise required and energy needed to properly raise our baby girl. After interviewing 6 Doula’s we chose, and happily so, The Baby Grove. They have been a blessing ever since.  The Baby Grove has helped us get a great night sleep, establish our baby’s eating habits (from breast feeding, formula, rice cereal, etc.).

The breast feeding advice was very helpful in guiding me through the process and understanding my baby’s needs and comfort. They were the eyes, ears and helping hand all through labor and delivery…making the moment that much special for my husband and I so we could focus on the baby and not what was happening with the doctors.  They helped me develop my birthing plan and ensure it was followed when the day came.
The post-partum support has been priceless.  Their advice, shoulder to lean on, and moral support were so important in developing our healthy beautiful baby girl – Diana!

I can actually say labor and delivery was “pleasant and positive” thanks to The Baby Grove.  We consider The Baby Grove part of our family even after 4.5 months and every dollar spent on their services was worth it! If you are unsure about whether to have a Doula/Nurse, don’t hesitate, it is the best investment you will make in your family!

A special thanks to Sandy and Kelley.

—The Matt Family, Newton, MA

After giving birth to my daughter, Meredith, and coming home from the hospital, I was having a very difficult time. In addition to the challenges of recovering from a C-Section and caring for a newborn, my doctor diagnosed me with Postpartum Depression. He urged me to get support. I am so glad I connected with The Baby Grove. The nurses at The Baby Grove understood my situation, were empathetic, and extremely professional. The overnight visits ensured that my husband and I got much needed sleep and that Meredith was in safe hands.  Additionally, they diagnosed my daughter’s acid reflux, regularly checked my C-Section incision to ensure proper healing, and taught me valuable techniques to help comfort Meredith. I always tell people, “The Baby Grove saved me.” I am a much better mother as a result of their care.

—Alice & Andy, Cambridge

We gave our daughter and son-in-law a gift certificate for services with The Baby Grove. Knowing they were receiving assistance from registered nurses gave us peace of mind. The Baby Grove’s competent nursing staff provided professional support at a critical time.

—Sonia & John, Mansfield

I had always wondered who hired post-partum help.  But, five weeks after our son was born, my husband and I realized we desperately needed help during the night.  My acupuncturist recommended I speak with Sandy since a number of her patients had said wonderful things about her.  Hiring Sandy was the best post-partum decision we made.

Not only did she take care of our son a couple nights a week, but she obviously cared about him and our family.  Sandy was extremely non-judgmental and flexible.  She taught us a number of things and worked with us to help us reach our goals.  For example, she helped customize a plan that worked for both me and my husband to help our son sleep through the night by the time my maternity leave ended.  We worked formally with Sandy for seven weeks but she has continued to check in with us and provide help along the way.  Even when she was away on business and our son became sick she coordinated help for us and stayed in close contact.

My only regret is not hiring Sandy sooner.  If we decide to have another child, we will hire the Baby Grove for help on day one.

—Kate, Braintree

Sandy is a fantastic baby nurse, and I cannot sing her praises enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable, always reliable, totally professional and, most importantly, a wonder with babies. Her calm and gentle demeanor instantly put me at ease, and my son took to her right away. She answered all my (many) questions about child care and was very helpful with feeding, bathing, and establishing a sleep routine. Sandy’s medical expertise and her vast experience with babies were reassuring to me and allayed any worries I had as a new mom. Sandy’s support made me a more confident mother and has certainly made my family’s experience easier and more enjoyable.

—Charlotte, Newton